Valid from 01/01/2018 to 31/12/2018.


The acceptation of the quotation sent at the Travel Agency involves the acceptation by the customer of the general terms and conditions, as well as the information and reserves of Philippines À La Carte.




The services included for each trip or journey are detailed in our catalog, as well as in the quotations sent.

The rates published do not include all the services prior to the registration at the departure airport or subsequent to the way back to the airport, as well as the drinks, tips and other personal expenses during the trip. The international flights are not included in our rates.

Are included during the trips:

  • The day of departure from the time of reception at the airport.
  • The day of the travel until the time of arrival at the airport.


No claim regarding the rate of the trip will be taken into consideration during or after the trip. It is up to the client to consider, before his/her departure, if the price is acceptable acknowledging that it is a fixed rate. This fixed rate includes, in addition to the cost of all the services programed, the organization and booking fees (intervention and sales margin) that will remain ours.


Our fixed rates are based on a certain number of nights and services and not on a number of full days. As a result, if the schedules arranged by the companies of transportation, the first and the last day would happen to be shortened by either a belated arrival or an advanced departure, no refund will be possible.


The rates in the brochure of Philippines À La Carte, are the contractual fares negotiated with the hotels and other contractors. They are based on what we are charged. As a consequence, it is impossible to consider some promotional tariffs applied on the spot at certain dates.

No complaint nor inquiry for refund will be taken into account regarding this.


If, for any reason it may be, the client cancels his/her hotel reservations on site, no refund will be proceeded.


More details about the inclusions are clearly indicated for each hotel / circuit / cruise in the paragraphs « Included » and « Not Included ». Despite the attention given to the conception of our brochure, mistakes can sneak in and cannot be opposed against us. The approximate rates will be accurate and definitive at the moment of the acceptation of the subscription to the journey, after adjustments made in accordance with the client’s demands.


Low and High Season

We propose different ranges of rates, available on two periods which are high, low and peak seasons.

High Season: from October 16th to May 30th

Low Season: from June, 1st  to September, 30th

Peak Season: from October 1st to 15th, from December 15th to January 3rd, Chinese New Year and Easter


ANY journey starting during high season will be charged based on that on its all duration.

ANY journey started during low season and ending during the high season period will be charged on the basis of a high season.

The rate for low season cannot be cumulated with any offer or promotion.


Price Revision


Our rates have been fixed according to economical data in date of 01/01/2018.

Philippines À La Carte reserves the right to change the rates of this brochure whether increasing or decreasing them within the legal limits specified in the Article 19 of the Law No.92-645 of 07/13/92 according to the following terms:


Transportation Cost:

These data are related to transportation costs (varying with fuel costs), to fees and taxes (airport, port and local).



Exchange Rates influencing the prices:

The Philippine Peso (PHP) is the currency we work with. No fluctuation of the currency used by the client will change the price in Philippine Peso indicated on the quotation accepted by the client. As a matter of fact, Philippines À La Carte cannot be impacted by these fluctuations, as a result, the price stated in currencies will only be given for information.


Fees Related to Methods of Payment:

Philippines À La Carte provides its clients with different methods of payment in order to receive remote payments: bank transfer on our Security Bank account, PayPal* transfer on our professional account, Western Union transfer to the private individual, employed by Philippines À La Carte that proceeded to the sale. Whatever the method of payment is used, the traveler will be charged all related fees.

*Paypal payments are accepted only if you pay 60 business days before day 1 of your itinerary


Our Policy in Terms of Prices:

Philippines À La Carte does not under-pay its contractors and must ensure the quality of service and higher-standard reliability by over-paying them.

The Agency guarantees the refund of the difference if the client found a cheaper offer that would fit the same standards, dates, services. The notification must be sent to us at least 20 working days before the departure and presented under the form of a quotation that one of our competitors would have made.




For any subscription regarding one of our programs and itineraries, the Agency will necessarily be paid by the client at the moment of the subscription:

  • 50 % over a month prior to the departure (the rest 15 working days’ before “day 1”)
  • 100 % less than a month before the departure.

For the Seaside Holidays trips (Hotel and Flights) 100% of the amount is required upon booking.

If the client does not proceed to the payment on schedule, the trip will be considered as cancelled without having the possibility to cancel him/herself.


The provision of the plane tickets will be effective only after collecting the deposit. Philippines À La Carte will not make any reservation in the hotels, for the plane travels, or for activities before the reception of the money will be confirmed. As a consequence, the Agency reserves the right to cancel the trip in case of absence of payment of the entire amount in accordance with the schedule fixed by the Agency.




Philippines À La Carte informs the client of the various formalities that are necessary in order to finalize the trip. The completion of these formalities is incumbent upon the client.


The administrative and health information stated only concern the people residing in France and are subject to modifications, we advice our clients to keep informed until the moment of departure. No refund will be carried out if the client does not come at the time and place mentioned on the notification or if he/she cannot provide the police and health documents necessary for his/her trip (passports, visas, identity card, vaccination certificate…).


Formalities for minors:

Minors (under 18 years old) can be part of one of our trips as long as they are accompanied with one adult (a parent or agreed by the parents) during the whole duration of the trip.

Moreover, from 15 years-old, the minors must carry their valid passports or a national identity card. Under 15 years-old, and if they do not have any personal identity documents, the minors must appear on the passport of the person whom parental authority is given to and who they travel with (with picture).

When the minor is accompanied by a third party, other than his/her parents or only one parent, in the case where parents are divorced or separated, he/she must be in possession of his/her personal identity card : passport or identity card (and a permission to travel abroad in the event of an identity card).




In the event of cancellation, the refund will be proceeded after deduction of cancellation fees, as detailed below:


Any cancellation by the client will result in the following fees:

  • More than 30 days before departure: 50 % of the total amount of the trip.
  • From 20 to 30 days before departure: 75 % of the total amount of the trip.
  • 20 days before departure: 100 % of the total amount of the trip.


About the “Water and Land À La Carte Activities” on our Website

Any activity cancelled by the customer will be charged whatever the reason is. Philippines À la carte can reschedule it to a later date or produce an invoice which could be presented to an insurer if the reason of the cancellation is medical.




The traveler cannot, unless beforehand authorized by the organizer, modify the conduct of his/her trip.


The modification will not be charged in the case of an extension of the trip (without change of date of departure) or for orders of extra services. Regarding the regular flights, please refer to the conditions of cancellation of the Article 4.


Any modification coming from the traveler will result in the following fees:

More than 30 days before departure: PHP 780

  • From 21 to 30 days before departure: PHP 1,880.
  • From 8 to 20 days before departure: PHP 3,724.
  • Less than 7 days before departure: refer to the cancellation fees stated in the paragraph 4 below.


Any change of date is considered as a cancellation.




In some cases, it might be possible for Philippines À La Carte to be forced to cancel or change the trip. The client will not be able to claim any compensation if the cancellation or the modification is due to force majeure circumstances or for reasons that would involve the safety of the travelers.


The size of the groups for the cruises and circuits is indicated in the price tables as referred to for each trip, Philippines à La Carte reserving the right to maintain the departure, with less participants than indicated. In case of unsufficient number of participants, Philippines À La Carte will notify its clients up to 21 days before departure who will be repaid the money already transferred in its entirety. The cancellation will not allow him/her to claim any compensation for the damages sustained. Philippines À La Carte will try as much as possible to find an alternative trip to the clients.



The statement on the duration of the trip FRANCE/FRANCE does not mean that the number of days mentioned will be spent at the destination. This indication signifies that the organizer provides services that will be staggered on the said number of days, starting the convocation time at the airport the day of departure, until the landing time of the international flight, the return day.


Unless mentioned specifically, it is preferable to consider the 1st and last day of your trip are devoted to the international transportation and will not involve any service at the travel destination.

In case of flight delay, the visits and excursions included eventually in the package might either be provided in a different order; or redeemed on a pro rata basis of their rates without any other complementary repay.




The responsibility of the airlines part of the trips and presented in our catalog, as well as their representatives, agents or employees is limited in case of damages, complaints or claims of any kind, to the air transportation of the people and their luggage exclusively, as mentioned in the general conditions, which an extract appears on the transportation tickets that are handed to you.


Moreover, the transporter reserves the right, in cases unrelated to its will, to transport the customers by any other mean of transportation of its choice with due diligence, without any possibility to claim any compensation.


The identity of the transporter indicated in this brochure may change.


The schedules of all the flights, especially the chartered flights that offer attractive rates but also present inconvenient in terms of flexible hours that cannot be controlled, as well as the type of aircraft are also indicated for information and may change too.


The specific modalities for booking special flights may lead to departures late at night and returns in early morning. It is also recommended to not plan any important commitment the day of your return nor its following day.


The plane tickets that are unused, on the way or the return trip, are not refundable. The same holds true in case of stolen or lost tickets if the client is forced to pay a replacement ticket at his/her own costs.


Airports: the name of the airport, when the city served has several airports, is given for information. Philippines À La Carte will not take into account the eventual costs stemming from this modification if it results in causes independent of its own will.


Meals onboard: please note that meals and drinks are not included in some special flights.


The airlines agreed within each other in commercial arrangements known as code sharing. It consists in commercializing a flight under its own name whereas the aircraft and the crew are from another airline. Usually, these agreements are concluded within the main regular airlines with similar services and reputation. As a matter of fact, you can book a ticket with one given airline and fly with another due to this kind of arrangement.




reserve the right to substitute to an equivalent model, of same category, than the one asked during the reservation.


Philippines À La Carte discharges all liability in case of accident with the rented vehicles.


The signature of an additional rental contract with discharge will be necessary before renting any vehicle.




In compliance with the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions regulating the international air transportation, the transporter whom we entrusted with to transport you is responsible for any damage due to an eventual flight delay or an alteration (destruction, loss) caused on your luggage, with the upper limits set by these Conventions and reminded in the Transportation Conditions annexed to your ticket. Furthermore, the European regulation applicable (Rule CE 261/2004 of February 11th 2004) enables you, in case of important delay, to cancel or rebook your flight, whether it is regular, chartered, on its own or included in a package. A notice in the boarding area will inform you of your rights relating this matter. In the event of a complaint on your part, a notice informing you of your rights to be compensated will be handed to you.


  • Luggage


No luggage insurance is included in our packages. Subscribe to the warranty of the airline in order for you to be covered in the event of theft, loss or delivery delay of your personal belongings.


Philippines À La Carte informs in its quotations the limit weights taken in charge, all extra kilo over that limit will be charged on the traveler at the amount fixed by the aforesaid airlines.


  • After-Sales


When a client notices a service is not provided as planned, in order not to be subject to inconvenience during the whole duration of the trip or the journey, he/she must immediately call on the local authorities. If he/she does not win the case, he/she must require from the hotel contractor or the local representative a certification of decommissioning or no provision of services.


Any claim regarding a trip or a journey must be addressed, within 30 days, by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the Travel Agency which you signed your contract with.

It is advised to be insured for all additional risks non covered by Philippines À La Carte.




Our responsibility derives from the articles L211-17 and L211-18 of the Code for Tourism.


The company Philippines À La Carte ensures the good conduct of the trip without taking charge of unfortunate situations, causes of force majeure or stemming from a third party. However, even in these eventual s, the tour operator will try its best to look for solutions in response to the difficulties to be faced.




a/ Air Transportation


The consequences of accidents/incidents that may occur when being air transported are regulated by the provisions of the Montreal Convention or by the local regulations ruling the domestic flights of the said country.


Information of the passengers on the identity of the air transporter


“In accordance with the Decree No. 2006-315 dated March 17th 2006, the client is informed of the identity of the contracting transporter(s) or meant to be the one proceeding to the bought flight. The salesperson will inform the client of the identity of the effective airline that will ensure the flight(s). In the event of change of transporter, the client will be informed by the contracting transporter or by the travel organizer, by appropriate means, as soon as it will be aware of it.


Modification of Information Appearing on the Brochure (Article R.211-7 of the Decree of June 15th 1994)


Some information appearing in this brochure and/or indicated in the pages concerned may be modified before the conclusion of the trip contract. Philippines À La Carte commits to communicate by (email) or orally to its clients the possible changes to be added to the information contained in this brochure. The changes concern, among others, the identity of the contracting transporters and eventual actual transporters, mentioned in virtue of the 1, 2 and 5 of the Decree 2006-315 of March 17th 2006.


Black Listed Airlines


In virtue of the Article 9 of the European Regulation 2111/2005 of December 14th 2005, the list of airlines banned by the European Community can be consulted in the agencies and on the following websites :

-Link to the European Commission / DG Transport website : http://europa.eu.int/comm/transport/air/safety/flywell_fr.htm

-Link to the list of the banned airlines (in English) : http://europa.eu.int/comm/transport/air/safety/doc/flywell/2006_03_22_flywell_list_en.pdf

-Link to the list of passenger air transporters authorized and banned going to France by the Civil Aviation General Directorate (DGAC) banned airlines (in English) : http://www.dgac.fr/html/oservice/liste.htm


b/ Circuits-Itineraries


The names of the hotels are given for information and may be replaced by others of the same category or higher category depending on their vacancies.


The circuits being doubled at certain dates, the stops may be interchanged or moved back/forward. All of the visits will although be maintained.


The itineraries mentioned in our programs may be modified given circumstances independent of our will or events due to s of force majeure.


c/ Hotels


According to international hotel management rules, the norm is to check in the room at 1PM and check out before noon (12PM) regardless of the time of the flight back. It will not be possible to disregard this rule. In the case of a late arrival at the hotel, and regardless of the time spent in the room, the night will be charged in its entirety. Some facilities might not be available to the customers at certain periods, such as a swimming pool being temporarily closed for construction. By no means Philippines À La Carte will be held responsible.


At the time where we are setting up this catalog, some hotels have not yet specified the availability of certain services, such as a safety-deposit box, baby-sitting, mini-club, minibar, free or charged shuttles going to the city center. Moreover, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise about the gratuity or not of these services, you may be asked to pay if you use one of them.


In general, animals are not accepted in the hotels. Some of them stipulated they do (out of the common areas such as the restaurant, the swimming pool, etc.) ; nevertheless a request must be expressed to obtain final confirmation when booking.


The Catalog Philippines À La Carte is planned a long time ahead. Therefore, opening and closing days of the suggested establishments may change, sometimes without prior notice.


Despite an extra requested, individual rooms are often small and in a bad location in most of the hotels. Furthermore, during high season, they might be refused by the hotels.


The triple rooms are double rooms in which an extra bed is added (most likely a cot/single folding bed), resulting in having less space left in the room. It is also sometimes the  for quadruple rooms (with two extra beds).


Air-Conditioning: In many establishments, a magnetic card given with the key of the room is necessary to switch on the air-conditioners. As a result, do not expect your room to be constantly air-conditioned during your absence. Moreover, for economical and energy distribution reasons, the air-con may only be available for a few hours during the day and at night.


d/ Mini-club


The schedules and the age of the children are indicated for information and subject to modification.


e/ Weather


Philippines À La Carte could not be held responsible if outdoor activities were to be cancelled due to bad weather.


f/ Meals


The meals of the first and the last day are not included, unless stipulated in the program, and are to be charged to the traveler.


The services of the last day stop after breakfast.


When the hotel offers wine and water to people, water is just distilled water, not mineral. No claim for refund or compensation could be expressed if you do not drink wine for instance.



g/ Fitness for travel


In accordance with the legal provisions, the client must inform us of any element that might  affecting his/her choices, or any peculiarity regarding him/her, if it can have an effect on the conduct of the trip or the journey.


Due to certain difficulties or constraints for some journeys or circuits and the physical and psychological autonomy they involve, Philippines À La Carte reserves the right to refuse any subscription or participation to certain physical or even cultural activities (Visits on steep sites or with low accessibility), that would not appear adapted. The client will have to present a medical certificate for fitness to travel. In order to disregard this rule, a warranty from the insurance company will not be acquired if the physical and moral conditions do not enable him/her to travel or participate to an activity.


h/ Luggage


Philippines À La Carte can in no way possible be held responsible for personal belongings lost in the airports and during the transfers, journeys, cruises or circuits.


i/ Excursions, Side Activities


We selected on site contractors who guarantee the good conduct of the services with participation or extras to your package. In compliance with the rules in effect, our responsibility can only be committed, in the frame of these services, in the event of misconduct stemming from our local contractor.


We also would like to bring your attention on the fact other contractors on site, that are not referenced by our company, can propose you similar services with lower costs. In accordance with the provisions of the Article L. 211.17 Paragraph 2 of the Code for Tourism, our « company will, purely and simply, dismiss its responsibility if you decide to make use of their services. »




In order for any request to be taken into account, other than via email or orally, any claim must be accompanied by a post mail with acknowledgement of receipt at the following address:


Philippines À La Carte, Phil A La Carte Travels Inc.

Marbella 1, 2223 Roxas Boulevard.

Unit 1105

1300 Pasay City